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Welcome to our kids virtual classes! We have classes for ages 5-7 and 8-12. See below for details!

Image of Broadway lights for a kids musical theater class on Zoom

Musical Theater Workshop for Kids (Ages 8-12)

An 8-week class for kids ages 8-12 featuring acting exercises, improv games, voice, singing, and dance/choreography and rehearsal, culminating in a mini musical theater performance!

Under the guidance of Kiki, (a teacher/actor with 15+ years of experience teaching & directing kids on stage and film), kids with all levels of experience will discover their own unique star quality and develop their special talents in this fun virtual class. Students will collaborate with other children, and hone their performing skills.

**Mini musical performance will be chosen by the kids during the class.

Week One: Find your unique star quality though acting games & improv

Week Two: Voice technique & singing

Week Three: Dance & choreography from a show

Week Four: Putting it together – scenes & songs

Week Five: Dress Rehearsal!

Week Six: Let’s Put on a Show! (final performance)

For kids ages 8-12. Class size ranges from 3-12 kids per class via Zoom.

Classes start each month, $175/per 6 week session/per student OR $30/per individual class/per student. Please email us below for details!

Become a real princess in 6 weeks!

Princess School (ages 4-7)

Become a real Princess or Prince in 6 weeks! This fun and enchanting class will be taught by one of your favorite Princesses (exact Princess TBA). Aspiring princesses (or princes) will learn all the charming skills needed to become royalty, including grace, dance/ballet, singing, etiquette, manners, magic, bravery, and more! With occasional surprise “guest appearances” by other favorite Princesses!

The 6-week session culminates in a very special sparkling “coronation ceremony” where each child will be made into a “real princess” or prince.

Classes start each month, $175/per 6 week session (per student) OR $30/per individual class. Please email us below for details