Adorable Entertainers/Silly People

Photos of clowns balloon artists and face painters at children’s event in nyc
Adorable kids entertainer cute clowns

What is an Adorable Entertainer or “Silly Person” or Cute Clown?

An Adorable Silly Person is a cute entertainer (similar to a female kids party clown w/ minimal makeup) that specializes in younger children, ages 1-6+

  • In a bright, adorable costume that kids love. (NO white makeup)
  • Sweet and gentle!
  • Usually female (but, upon request, we do have boy silly people, too!)

What do Adorable Silly People Do?

Silly People can do Face Painting & Balloons & Magic (ages 3+), Hand/Cheek/Arm Painting, High-Energy Games, and Toddler Sing-Alongs (for ages 1-3 and under).

Please see our Silly People Entertainer packages below!

Adorable Face Painter-Balloonist

Photo of a female balloon artist clown at kids party event nyc
Adorable Entertainer Balloon Artist

(Our Signature Package)

1 “Adorable Entertainer” doing 2 Activities:

1.) Sparkly Face and/or Hand Painting (lots of fun, quicker designs – 30+ designs/options for boys & girls) 

2.) Colorful Balloon Sculpting (lots of cool options)

Special Manhattan rates start at $575/per 2 hours (both activities). For all other areas, please inquire with exact location.

Adorable Silly Person Variety Package

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Kids Variety Package – Face Painting, Balloons, Magic

One “Adorable Silly Person” doing 2 Activities:

1.) Mini Silly Magic Show (age 3+) OR Sing-Along (ages 1-3) 

2.) (Pick ONE): Sparkly Face/Hand Painting OR Balloon Sculpting

Special Manhattan/nearby Brooklyn rates start at $575/per 2 hours (both activities.) For all other areas, please inquire with exact location.

Kids entertainers face painters balloon artists childrens event NYC
Our Face Painters & Balloon Artists at a Kids Corporate Event in NYC

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We specialize in cute “silly people” kids party clown entertainers (gentle and sweet kids party clown) that are great with younger children, ages 1-6+. Our silly people kids birthday party clown entertainers dress in a bright, adorable costume, and are sweet and gentle!
Kiki’s Faces and Balloons is a well-known Google 5-star children’s party entertainment company in NY, NY. We specialize in high-quality face painting balloons magic, adorable kids entertainers, and pretty princesses. With thousands of NYC birthday parties, celebrity parties, media events and corporate events to our credit, we are proud of our high repeat-client rate,  celebrity clients and numerous media mentions and write-ups.

Some of our favorite kids party clown face painting and hand painting designs include: butterflies, princesses, Snow Queen Elsa, Anna, Olaf, crowns, super heroes, dragons, cars, skulls, pirates, Yoda, tigers, lions, cheetahs, cats, dogs, Dalmations, bunnies, fancy eye designs, masks, flowers, vines, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, snowmen, snowflakes, light sabers, bats, unicorns, rainbows, stars, shooting stars, popular cartoon characters, holiday designs, etc.

Our kids balloon artist entertainer designs include swords, dogs, dogs on leashes, wands, princess wands, flowers, cats, bunnies, monkeys, dragons, dinosaurs, mice, cats, butterflies, crowns, crazy hats, rainbows, fancy bracelets, holiday designs, etc.